Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm going to have to agree with my father! SUPRISE!! Anybody who is willing to protest against our nations' soldiers is basically protesting against their very livelhood. You really don't understand what is going on. I signed a contract to SERVE and DEFEND my country. Currently preparing to deploy I feel I am serving my serving this deployment in a middle eastern area which I am not at liberty to tell you of...I feel I am defending my country! I am defending my country against further future attacks but more than anything, most important in my eyes I am defending another family from having to send their loved one to war with a relentless, ruthless and fanatical enemy. Anybody else who has the balls to take my spot in the line of fire to save my very beloved family from any possible grief, my guest, you don't have what it takes. My not protest the soldiers who are saving you and you families from doing what me and my brothers in arms are about to do and what my ancestors in arms have already done. I do not disagree with protesting just explore the proper channels. Protest the proper people. I did not sign up to do George Bushes bidings, I signed up to keep your brother or son out of the line of fire, to take his spot in this battle. You don't have to thank me, I don't care about you who have never thought of doing the same. You would rather defend a man who is willing to kill his own brother or sister for a seven virgin heaven! Hey if that's what you're lookin for, go to college! I've been there and graduated that too! I have experience twice as much as half of you protestors in less years than you have been hittin' the peace pipe. Take a real stand and love your American brothers who respect human life. Realize we are fighting to free the opressed and we will not back down on our promisses to meet our goals. I will fight til' I die so that these people may experience the life I have lived for the last 25 years...especially the women who are opressed and "worthless" in this foreign society! Anybody who agrees ordisagrees with my opinion is more than willing to state their feelings to me! That is half the reason I am in the army to defend my own and your opinion! -You're welcome! (This is mostly in regaurds to the protests of the movement of my brigades' equipment from Ft. Lewis through the Port of Tacoma! (kind of glad some misguided people got a taste of burning rubber reality)